Update and Thank You from our Haiti Educational Partnership

Many, many thanks to all who have contributed to the work of our international partnership in Haiti through your contributions and to those who also helped with the Brass & Bells concert! There were many rave revues at the reception by our guests celebrating the music of both groups, the reception, the friendly church helpers inside & out, the decorations and the program. Thank you again to Jim and the Syracuse University Brass Ensemble; to Jared at the organ for the carols and to Dick and our UCF Handbell Choir for these players’ many practices & performances!  We were able to raise about $1,200 for our work in Haiti.  Our gifts of hospitality will extend beyond our walls to those in greater need as we act on their behalf!  Merci beaucoup!

Serge Haiti SU shirtUnited Church of Fayetteville contributed funds raised from previous concerts, our adults and our children to build protective roof-top coverings from the elements at FEED Headquarters, where children and adults gather for activities, and 100 chairs and 10 long tables.  All was in place for Christmas celebrations on the 25th.  Here are two emails and photos that arrived from St. Joseph’s principal Serge (pictured with the Syracuse shirt) and teacher/director Eliphine, both members and active participants of the FEED Board and its work:

“Now the work of constructing the four coverings will be finished on time for a December 25th celebration where the new tables and chairs will also be in place.  A big thank you for all that.  You have tender, responsive hearts for us here in Haiti.  The town of Paulette has need of that.  Only God can return your generosity.  May He continue to bless you, those who began this partnership and Scott, his wife Gloria, church and the musicians at Brass & Bells.  You are a kind people!”
Eliphine & Serge, FEED

Bonjour.  The FEED team, the children, the elderly and the entire community of Paulette send you our best wishes for a Joyous Christmas 2014 and a Happy New Year 2015.  May the new year fill you with all that is necessary especially health, joy, peace, longevity, and prosperity.
We had a beautiful Christmas celebration yesterday with the elderly and the children with our renovated headquarters and the new tables and chairs. Thank you and bravo to you, the committee who thinks of and helps FEED and Paulette. I don’t want to forget anyone: Georgette, Scott, Tim, Gloria, Karen, Wynetta, Harry, Marilyn, Ruth Colvin, Suzette, the other members of the committee, the faithful from the Presbyterian churches and also the teachers and students who raise funds to support tuition for the children sponsored by FEED.  To all of you, Good Health!!!!
The children are seated comfortably and the elderly are happy. You can believe in multiple prayer intentions for you. Your action shakes the heart of God, the most powerful. You can see in the photos how happy they are.  As you can see our headquarters is painted in green and brick. It is very beautiful and welcoming thanks to our partnership.
May God bless you all and keep you all in good health for a very long time.
Your friend, Eliphine”

A word of explanation lest you think that soda shown in the photos is inappropriate here for a Christmas dinner drink.  We recently learned that the well in Paulette has broken so there is no good drinking water.  Bottled beer, soda and juice are the most sanitary drinks at this time.

haiti children 3
haiti children 1 Haiti FEED elderly Dec 2014 Scott group in haiti 2014

Members of H.E.M.P., our Haiti educational partnership, on their visit to Paulette, Haiti in September of 2014, along with Suzette Goss-Geffrard, contact person for the Presbyterian Church (USA).