Congregational Life Backup

“Jesus did not simply bring a message, proclaim a new idea or urge a new experience.  He formed a group.” William Willimon

United Church is known for the warmth of its community life which is sustained and strengthened through a weekly fellowship time following worship; seasonal events such as potlucks, picnics and gatherings in people’s homes open to the whole congregation.

Some groups organize themselves around particular interests or life stages:

  • The Men’s Covenant Group has met weekly for over 30 years;
  • The Women’s Bible Study meets the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 2:00-3:00.  All are welcome!
  • Tabitha Circle is a monthly gathering of women who share food, stories, service, educational opportunities and movies as the Spirit moves them.

These self-directed groups are always open to newcomers.

group of men sitting at table having discussion


Fellowship is also created within smaller ministry groups within the church, the members of choirs, of education programs for any age, mission teams and others, as they work together serving others and building relationships among themselves.

people enjoying fellowing at outside setting

Congregational Care

Our Congregation Care Committee provides assistance and supplemental aid to the pastor’s visiting and care. They make regular home visits, provide transitional meals when someone has a medical procedure, are trained to serve communion in homes, and often assist with receptions following memorial services or funerals.