Social Justice Sunday on October 29

While UCF is involved in issues of social justice, poverty and interfaith relations throughout the year, once each year,, the Worship and Spiritual Life Committee invites local preacher/speaker so that we might hear another voice and perspective. 

rev craig frenchThis year, Rev. Craig French, a spotlight leader at the Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse will preach about Christ’s call to serve the needs of the poor, prisoners, victims of violence and others here in Syracuse.  He will also lead our Adult Forum prior to worship.

ACTS is a grassroots, interfaith network advocating for social justice, striving for a more just and fair community that improves the quality of life for all in Onondaga County.  They gather as people of faith and conscience in working to effect the systemic change necessary to rectify the social, economic, educational, and political inequities that exist in our community.  Some of the foci of their action include:  a Transportation coalition, Pre-K Expansion, Community Violence and Youth and Criminal Justice.  They were instrumental in effecting change in how juvenile offenders were treated at Jamesville Correctional Facility.  You can learn more about ACTS here.  ACTS logo

Rev. French will be speaking at the Adult Forum at 8:45 am in Beard Lounge and preaching at the 10 am worship service in the sanctuary.