Policies: Church Use

This document is of interest to those who are wondering about sharing our space for single, occasional or ongoing events which are not church programs or ministries. It necessarily addresses issues such as use, care and liability, and the costs of maintaining the facility – concerns from which no organization is free. For that reason, this document uses exceptionally formal language, which is limited to this document. The language is not reflective of the way we function internally as a faith community. Should you be interested, please contact the church office (315.637.3186). You will be contacted by the church volunteer who addresses specific questions, concerns, needs, space availability and costs.

dancersBelow please find guidelines and procedures to be followed by individuals and/or organizations renting space in The United Church of Fayetteville (hereinafter referred to as UCF). UCF facilities available for rental include the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, kitchen, several small meeting rooms, a music facility, and the surrounding grounds. Utilization is dependent upon proper application to and approval by the Building Use Coordinator or the Board (see section 2 below). Please note: UCF groups shall be given priority in the scheduling and utilization of the facility.

1) Authorized Users

  1. Church facilities may be utilized by “outside” individuals or organizations upon proper application to and approval by the Building Use Coordinator. Charges shall be in accordance with the attached schedule.

2) Board Approval Required when the following conditions apply:

  1. use is likely to conflict with Board authorized activities
  2. use will occur for more than 3 days
  3. payment and terms are other than per the attached schedule.
  4. the appropriateness of the prospective user or activity is in conflict with UCF standards

3) Scheduling and Approval

  1. The UCF Building Use Coordinator is responsible for coordinating facility usage
  2. The UCF Buildings and Grounds Committee reserves the right to adjust room assignments for the best use of spaces.
  3. Any person(s) wishing to use the facility shall contact the Administrative Assistant to determine room availability.
  4. A church use application form shall be completed and submitted to the Church Office, attn.: Building Use Coordinator.
  5. A certificate of insurance showing United Church of Fayetteville as an additional insured will be required. In the absence of insurance, a waiver absolving UCF of liability must be signed and attached to the Space Use Application/Agreement Form.

4) Deposit and Payment

  1. For short-term (occasional) events, a 50% deposit is required at the time of application. This depositis forfeitable if event cancellation is not reported to UCF at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled event.
  2. The balance of the usage charge is due as indicated on the executed Church Use Application/Agreement Form.
  3. For year-round tenants, payment terms are as indicated on the Church Use Application/Agreement Form. No deposit is required.
  4. Payment not made in a timely fashion (per terms detailed in the Space Use Agreement) may result in assessment of a late fee or, if a repeated offense, cancellation of the Space Use Agreement itself.

5) Security

  1. Any user who is in the building outside of normal staff hours is responsible for controlling access to the building while it is in use and for locking up when leaving. Occasional users may be loaned a key upon payment of a $10 deposit.
  2. Locking up includes verifying that all doors and windows are closed and securely latched, not just the group’s primary usage door.
  3. At the discretion of the Building Use Coordinator, the presence of a church member or janitor may be required while the facilities are in use by outside organizations or individuals. When this is necessary, the requirement will be written on the approved church use application and the user shall pay for the services at a rate of $50 per event.

6) Energy Conservation

  1. Users are responsible for turning off all lights, air conditioners and other equipment when not in use. The building heat is pre-programmed; users should not adjust any thermostats. The lights immediately in front of the choir room, the lights in the coat closet near fellowship hall, exit lights and most exterior lights are automatically controlled and do not need to be shut off.

7) Supervision

  1. All youth activities will be supervised by adults. Adults must be present before, during and until all youth have left the premises after the activity has completed. Adults shall actively supervise the youth and there shall be a minimum of 1 adult for every 12 youth.

8) Housekeeping

  1. All users are responsible for leaving the facility in a neat and presentable manner. Floors shall be swept, spills cleaned up and tables wiped clean. Tables and chair shall be returned to their original locations unless otherwise directed. In the case of classrooms, chairs should be placed upside down on top of tables if possible.
  2. If users fail to leave facilities in the required condition or requiring special services for room set-up may be assessed a charge of $50 per event plus the costs for repairing or replacing damaged facilities.

9) Cooking

  1. Electric cooking appliances such as coffee makers, hot plates and popcorn makers as well as any other heat-producing appliances shall be used only in the kitchen unless another location is pre-approved by the Building Use Coordinator

10) Electrical safety

  1. Electrical equipment shall be in good conditions and listed by UL
  2. Extension cords may be used only on a temporary basis and shall be unplugged when not in use and at the end of each day.
  3. Damaged or non-working receptacles or other electrical equipment shall be brought to the attention of the Building Use Coordinator.
  4. In an urgent or emergency situation, contact information can be found on the wall above the phone in the coat closet located in the main hallway leading into Fellowship Hall

11) Other

  1. There will be NO SMOKING in any UCF building and NO USE OF ANY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on UCF property or parking lot at any time.
  2. User agrees to conduct its activities in ways consistent with the primary use of the facility as a Church; to be respectful of the premises and its contents.

Usage Fees 

Usage fees for day or evening use are as follows:

  Members Non-Members
Under an hour At discretion of BU Coordinator
1 hour + $115 $150
Fellowship Hall
Up to 4 hours 70 90
All day 100 150
Hourly 25 30
Women’s Lounge 60 75
Beard Lounge 60 75
Basic Use 60 75
Full Use 75 100

Other rooms: to be determined on a case-by-case basis