Membership Process

We are excited that you are here and happy that you want to explore a more formal connection with the congregation. This page provides an overview of the process, not a timeline. Especially because of our long ecumenical history, we are sensitive to the varied nature, speed and trajectory of people’s faith journeys, both before and after they join the congregation.

Please feel free to speak to the pastor at any time about your interest in exploring life at UCF.

Inquirers’ Classes

The first step in the process, these are offered periodically throughout the year, depending on interest and schedules. Led by the pastor, the class lasts about 2-2.5 hours. Depending on the size of the class, the pastor may be assisted by members of the church membership committee.

We spend our time together:

  • Getting to know a little about one another.
  • Reviewing the development of the various Christian traditions and how our congregation fits into the broader tradition.
  • Learning a brief history of United Church, its development and governance.
  • Discussing the rights and responsibilities of membership.

Becoming a Member

When Inquirers are ready to join the congregation, we ask them to provide basic information and indicate some of their gifts and interests. When this information is received, the pastor and membership committee recommend the Board vote them into membership. (This is pro forma event.)

A Sunday is identified when Inquirers will be received into membership in public worship. The pastor provides them copies of the service. The Membership Committee assigns each household a “sponsor” who will be sure the new members are introduced, connected and serve as continuing links for information and support.