Office Manager Job Description

The United Church of Fayetteville seeks a part-time Office Manager.

I. Position Summary

Provides administrative support in accordance with church policies and directions of the Pastor and the Staff Support/Personnel Committee for the Pastor, members of the staff and the Board; to manage the church office; to facilitate communication among the staff and with the congregation; and to support and further the mission of The United Church of Fayetteville.

II. Qualifications

Demonstrates extensive working knowledge of Microsoft Office, social media, website and the ability to master new software programs effectively and quickly. Must be able to work independently; multitask and prioritize tasks; have good interpersonal skills as a receptionist, handle sensitive issues with integrity, confidentiality and kindness and have excellent organizational and communication skills.

III. Responsibilities

  1. Administrative Support:
    1. Maintains files, paper or electronic, of minutes, directories, memberships, policies, and reports that will permit easy and quick retrieval.
    2. Works with the Pastor, Clerk, Staff and Board to maintain official church records of congregational meetings, annual denominational reports, membership records, and all other church documents.
    3. Maintains and keeps the membership list, directories and email addresses and telephone numbers current using Power Church Plus software.
    4. Works with the Pastor, Clerk, Staff and Board to keep all lists current, i.e., mailings, Board, Sunday School.
    5. Provides secretarial support to the Pastor and other staff as requested.
    6. Produces worship bulletins in electronic or paper format, funeral bulletins and special concert programs.
    7. Provides a weekly update on website and adds weekly news, Pastor’s sermons and slides for weekly streaming of service.
    8. Prepares and oversees the annual distribution of membership directory and the annual report.
    9. Assists with special mailings and other bulletins as needed.
  2. Office Management:
    1. Maintains and coordinates the church master calendar of events and building usage in conjunction with the Building Use Coordinator.
    2. Maintains awareness of the Pastor’s schedule.
    3. Coordinates church office activities and work of office volunteers as needed.
    4. Oversees use and maintenance of all office equipment.
    5. Orders office supplies in a timely, cost-effective manner.
    6. Recommends to the Administration/Personnel Pod Coordinator expenditures for office administration.
  3. Communications:
    1. Acts as primary receptionist for the church office.
    2. Receives and responds to phone calls as related to office business. Informs minister of calls related to care/concerns of congregants. Updates the voice message system as needed.
    3. Opens and distributes mail in a timely fashion, sends bills to the appropriate parties for approval and files invoices after the church treasurer writes checks.
    4. Creates invoice request forms for building use.

IV. Professional Growth and Development

It is understood that this position is to be treated with the highest degree of professionalism. New skills may be needed which would require additional training. The Office Manager is encouraged to find relevant educational opportunities with support from the Pastor and Personnel Committee. The Staff Support/Personnel Committee will approve this continuing education. An annual budgeted amount is provided for continuing education requests.

V. Accountability and Evaluation

The Office Manager reports to the Pastor. Performance evaluation is provided by the Pastor, and congregational members as determined by the Staff Support/Personnel Committee. An annual review of salary will be conducted by the Pastor and the Staff Support/Personnel Committee.

VI. Terms and Conditions of Service

The Office Manager is a part-time position ($20 per hour), (12 hours/week; 8 hours in July and August). The Office Manager is appointed by the Staff Support Committee with the approval of the Church Board. The primary guide for performance in this position is this job description, supplemented by the Employee Handbook. All other benefits are as set forth in the Employee Handbook.

Revised and approved by the UCF Board July 2023