Mission Statement


Our Commitment to Mission:

An expression of our hope

“We are a Jubilee community, 
inclusive and united 
to celebrate God’s grace through worship, 
to demonstrate Christ’s love 
by caring for one another and all people in need, 
to cultivate the Spirit’s gifts in all people, 
and to reach out and disciple others in the Good News of our faith.  

We invite all people to join us 
in ministries of praise, love, and concern.”

 (from the United Church of Fayetteville 
“Statement of Mission,” By-laws: Article III)


A Vision for Ministry

 The United Church of Fayetteville
is a welcoming, inclusive community of faith
that demonstrates Christ’s love by seeking justice
and nourishing each person’s spiritual journey. 
With God’s help, we seek to realize this vision
 through vibrant worship, caring fellowship,
challenging study, open and democratic governance,
and active partnerships in mission and service –
locally, nationally and internationally.

(from the New Vision Report:  A Mission Study in Ministry 2005)