Haiti Education Mission

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Haiti Education Mission (HEM)  in Paulette, Haiti

Formed in July 2009, the HEM team is supported by numerous generous  individuals in the Central New York area and several churches: United Church of Fayetteville, Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church, the Global Mission of the Episcopal Church, student language clubs and Ken deLaski and the deLaski Family Foundation. United Church of Fayetteville has been active in this outreach since 2009.

• The HEM Team has a partnership with the Haitian grassroots organization called FEED, a French acronym for “Fondation d’Épanouissement des Enfants Démunis” or Foundation for the Development of Children in Need”.
• FEED is composed of Haitian professionals who see a great need in their hometown of Paulette (northeastern Haiti near Cape Haitian and the Dominican Republic border) and donate part of their own salaries to help children and the elderly.
• Members of the HEM Team have traveled to Haiti seven times, the most recent being April of 2019. Because of recent political conditions, it communicates weekly with the FEED team by email and receives photos and accountable records.  Paulette is in the northeast away from the gangs in Port-au-Prince and HEM is able to wire transfers of donations to the  FEED account in the FONKOZE bank in Cape Haitian.

group in Haiti

Our team co-teaching

• FEED and  HEM address the educational, nutritional and medical needs of children in Paulette.
• In the summers of 2019-2023, HEM and FEED provided summer classes in music, art, dress-making, local jewelry design, and cooking, so the older children could learn a trade for the future. 
*HEM also provided funds so FEED has a new security gate and a water filtration system to sell affordable, drinkable water to villagers.

Summer School Dress Making

Summer School Dress Making

children in Haiti

Thanks for the school books!

Since 2009, with the help of the HEM Team, other local churches, French Clubs in the USA, many generous individual friends and the deLaski Family Foundation, HEM has supported the following:
• Good Samaritan Adult Literacy Center
• Teacher Training in the summer
• Tuition for 100 children (includes uniforms, backpacks & books for 100 children)
• Potable water in two elementary schools and FEED headquarters using chlorine tablets
• Manuals and materials for 100+ preschool children & six teachers
• Roofs, tables, chairs for the FEED headquarters
• Motorcycle ambulance and repairs
• Repair of a village well
• A yearly 3-day Mobile Medical Clinic
• Nutrition program for the children who receive one hot meal per day

children eating

Children enjoying a warm lunch

• Funds for over a dozen students to continue their education in secondary vocational school
• Two latrines for FEED Headquarters and repairs
• Supplies and educational materials for teachers, schools and soccer balls, jump ropes and
other games
• Continuing education for principals
• Secondary education through 12th grade for one student in Cape Haitian and now supported in college
• Salary supplements for teachers at the Ecole Baptiste


Mobile Medical Clinic

Your donations, participation at concerts with the SU Brass Ensemble and other fund-raisers continue to help make this outreach in Haiti sustainable. For more information, contact the United Church of Fayetteville to speak to a member of the Outreach Committee.

man in Haiti

FEED member Serge with SU shirt