Job Description – UCF Director of Music Ministries (during COVID-19 Precautions)

Introduction and Purpose

            God calls pastors, musicians, educators, elders and congregations to a shared ministry based on mutual caring and respect.  Sharing our faith through music and other creative arts builds up our community, nurtures us in the faith, and helps us witness to what we believe.  The UCF Director of Music Ministries will lead people of all ages to share in musical experiences so that they may:

  • grow in understanding the Christian faith and music’s role in that faith;
  • develop and strengthen their relationship with God to become faithful Christian disciples;
  • and enhance their musical gifts to glorify God in worship and in the mission of the church.


  1. Creatively coordinate the planning and implementation of the music ministry of the church.  This could include the coordination of soloists, instrumental ensembles, Joyful Sign Choir and other appropriate musical offerings.  
  2. Communicate the necessary information regarding musical selections in a timely manner to the Administrative Assistant and the Pastor.
  3. Provide organ music and direct musical offerings for Sunday morning worship. Provide organ music and direct music for additional services as scheduled including Christmas Eve and other seasonal services.
  4. Coordinate and support special musical and worship programs relating to the Church Year and other worship themes (e.g. Choral Service).  Participate in the planning of musical outreach to include the wider community.
  5. Supervise the maintenance of all church-owned instruments, including the organ, pianos and handbells, within the budget for organ or other funds.  The Director of Music Ministries shall give prior approval for all guest organists and provide orientation regarding the use of the organ to guest organists.
  6. Assist the Worship and Spiritual Life Committee in arranging for substitute musicians during time off.  Make available new resources and ideas for music and worship.

Skills and Qualifications

This person will be an accomplished musician who is committed to the Christian faith and who has:

  • an interest and desire to communicate God’s word,
  • an ability to call forth musical gifts of others,
  • a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in music or church/sacred music, or requisite skills and experience,
  • a demonstrated skill and competency at the organ and piano, a working knowledge of other instruments, competency directing choirs utilizing a variety of musical styles,
  • a demonstrated knowledge of the role and use of music in worship,
  • an ability to recruit and work well with volunteers with understanding and humor,
  • a demonstration of excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong time-management skills, organization and follow-through.
  • a demonstrated expertise in the use of current technology for musical recording

Accountability and Evaluation

The Director of Music Ministries reports to the Pastor/Head of Staff.  Performance evaluation is provided by the Pastor, the Chair of the Worship and Spiritual Life Committee, and individuals as determined by the Staff Support/Personnel Committee.  An annual review of salary will be conducted by the Pastor and Staff Support/Personnel Committee.

Terms and Conditions of Service

The Director of Music Ministries is a part-time, position of the church staff and appointed by the Staff Support/Personnel Committee in conjunction with the Worship and Spiritual Life Committee with the approval of the Church Board.  The primary guide for performance in this position is this job description, supplemented by the UCF Employee Handbook.  All other benefits are as set forth in the UCF Employee Handbook.


Updated 7/24/2020