Newcomers Info

“Hospitality is not first a duty and responsibility; it is first a response of love and gratitude for God’s love and welcome to us.” Thomas Long

Church doors, with left door open

Our Sunday Schedule

We worship at 10:00am from the Sunday after Labor Day through the third Sunday in June. For the remaining two months we worship at 9:30am. Children are always welcome in worship and there are activity kits available for them. We have monthly events for young people that run concurrently with worship. Beard Lounge, which is adjacent to the sanctuary, is connected to the sanctuary sound system. This provides space for a parent who wishes to take a child temporarily out of the worship space to hear the service. The UCF family is friendly and is always eager to help newcomers find locations and move from one place to another.

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We encourage people to get to know us and to allow us to know them through participation in worship, fellowship and any ministry or mission of the church. Staff and congregants are more than happy to have conversations in less formal settings. Recognizing that people become acquainted with new communities at their own speeds, we are respectful of those differences. We strive to be inviting, but not “pushy” when asking folk to consider formalizing their connection with the congregation through our membership process.

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