Please join us on Sunday, Nov. 9, for a conversation with committed peacemakers

United Church welcomes Rick Ufford-Chase and members of the Community of Living Traditions.  The Community of Living Traditions (CLT) is an Abrahamic community in residence at Stony Point Center in the Hudson Valley.  

Members of the wider interfaith community of greater Syracuse are invited and welcomed by the United Church of Fayetteville to join us and the CLT for three public offerings on Sunday, November 9:

8:45 – 9:45 am  –   Adult Forum:
“Building Multifaith Community” presented by the Community of Living Traditionspeace ppf_logo_dove_246

  • Vision of the community
    Learning kindness as a community
    Developing a focus on peacemaking/social justice
    Building skills for organizing and movement building
    Q&A with community members

10:00 – 11:00 am  – Worship designed by the CLT, intended as Christian worship, welcoming to those of  other faith traditions.

1:00 – 3:30 pm  –  Community Workshop   “Strengthening Our Bonds:  Finding Common Ground for a Multi-faith Response to Issues of Peace and Justice”
Our local participation in a CLT model of discussion will help us understand one another better as we seek to work cooperatively and help us develop our own community’s capacity to more deeply engage in honest and respectful dialogue that leads to action and change on a wide variety of community, national and international issues.  We will be invited to think together about ways to be proactive in peace and justice issues.

To register for childcare for the community workshop, email or call 637-3186 by Nov. 7 at noon.  Do provide appropriate snacks for your child(ren).

It is our hope that these weekends will promote synergy among people passionate about peacemaking and multifaith relations at UCF, in Syracuse and at Stony Point, so that, as time goes on, we might build relationships of partnership and trust, doing more together than we could do alone.

RickUfford-ChaseRick is Director of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and co-director of Stony Point Conference Center with his wife, Kitty Ufford-Chase.  Rick is also a member of the Community of Living Traditions – a multifaith, residential community located at Stony Point Center and is dedicated to promoting justice, peace nonviolence, earth-care, and radical hospitality.

For more information about Stony Point and the Community of Living Traditions, click here.

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